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Hi, I am Everisingsun. I am a singer-songwriter, actor, internet marketer and online entrepreneur from Whangarei, New Zealand. You can check out what I do and listen to my music by clicking here:

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In 2012, I stepped up my web presence for my music career and started my own journey into internet marketing on a wide scale. I am now the owner of several businesses online and am now on my way to earning a six figure income outside of my music and acting. My intentions were to implement online projects that I have waited a long time to create, and Wealthy Affiliate has given me the knowledge that I needed to make these projects happen and bring to fruition.

I was once like you, pondering on whether to take the chance of running an online business….wondering which one would be the best for me…..how do I even go about beginning?…Don’t worry! – Believe me, I do understand. There are so many wannabe Guru’s out there and all they want to do is give you false promises so they can scheme thier way into taking away your hard earnt cash and then leave you…
….stranded in despair!

This is why this site was created, so you can be properly informed about the educational power of WealthyAffiliate.com before opting off to the wannabe Gurus with thier false promises of instant riches.

Understand right now that WealthyAffiliate.com is not a get rich quick scheme!.

Anything in life that you wish to succeed in requires focus, self discipline and hardwork!. It is the way of the universe, and don’t let anyone tell you any different!. Only then will you be rewarded from all your hard effort…because in the end…we all reap what we sow!. So whatever you do…stay focused…stay disciplined and work hard!, and if you’re thinking of finally taking that step in learning how to make a change in your life that will bring you an income online, then let me formerly invite you to join Everisingsun and Wealthy Affiliate and make that dream of yours a reality…

…here’s to your online success!.

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