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The Wealthy Affiliate Classroom is where the serious study to be exceptional internet marketers and learn how to make money at home. Every aspect of marketing and selling products or services online is featured in Wealthy Affiliate


The WA Classroom ROCKS!


Wealthy Affiliate has stepped up another ten notches this year, incorporating new modules and learning facilities for both Free Starter and Premium Members, and one of these is the new ‘Classroom Study’ platforms. Here’s what it’s all about, straight from the big guy Kyle himself!.



*An excerpt from Kyle’s Blog in Wealthy Affiliate

The biggest day in the history of WealthyAffiliate.com has arrived.

We have just launched…




This is the new foundation that members of Wealthy Affiliate can use to get educated, to get help, to help others, to learn about topics they are interested, to become experts, and to achieve the most success ever.

This is the supreme level of organization that was much needed within the community. You can now get training on any topic you want within the specific classroom.

Each classroom is organized into the following sections:

Discussions – Create and Join in on discussions relating to the topic. Ask questions, share news/results, offer advice, get help, and help others.

Tutorials – A list of the tutorials specific to the classroom topic

Videos – A list of the video classes and video tutorials specific to the classroom topic. These include the live weekly training replays.

Courses – The lesson/task-based course training that is specific to the classroom topic


This organization is going to lead to much greater personal expertise, more community experts and help, a home base for you to get help on a particular topic, and MORE success.


Well, everyone gets access. Starters get access to the Getting Started Classroom, which will take anyone from an absolute newbie and get them moving in the right direction. However, Premium members get access to an additional 10 Classrooms on various topics.

If you ever wanted to become an expert in the following topics, Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms is the ONLY place to be…

You will find classrooms right within your dashboard under the Classrooms tab (as shown below).

Once you are in there, you will see many classrooms. I will break these down for you and show you which ones are available to you depending on your membership level here at WA 



There are 10 Premium only classrooms that offer industry leading training and interactive discussions in the following areas:

  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing

This is essentially giving you access to TEN completely different business models that you can implement to build a successful business online. You can create a full-time business within any one of these (hint: I started in just the PPC Marketing world). This is your quickest path to expertise and online success!


If you are a $0 Starter, we also have some awesome classrooms in place for you that are going to help you move Newbie at a faster pace than possible and reaching new levels you never thought were possible.

As a Starter member, you are getting access to the Getting Started classroom (which is full of a ton of great training and discussion already!

Access the Getting Started Classroom

You also have access to the “The Wealthy Affiliate Platform” classroom. This will walk you through training on how Wealthy Affiliate and components of the system work.

Access the Wealthy Affiliate Platform Classroom

Hang out in this classroom if you ever need a hand with anything relating to getting started. Start a discussion if you have a question or need help, or join in on a discussion if you want to network with others.

AND when you are ready, you can upgrade to Premium and get full access to 10 brand new classrooms!

*An excerpt from Kyle’s Blog in Wealthy Affiliate


Now I for one never knew why I had to go to school when I was young, truly!. I just went to school because every other kid went to school. Obviously now I realise that going to school when you’re young is about gaining knowledge while learning how to communicate and interact with your fellow peers so that one day, you can go on as an adult and pursue a career that you have a passion for with new found peers that have the same desire to succeed.

Well guess what?….I’m an adult and I have found my career I have a passion for, and now I’m back at school learning with my fellow peers right here, simply because I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am here to create a financial future for myself!.

It sounds a bit crazy…but sometimes…this beautiful universe I am so privileged to be a part of has a funny way of putting the pieces together!

So how about you?…feel like coming to school with me and changing your future?


WealthyAffiliate | How To Make Money At Home

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