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Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?


There are those who ask me “Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?”. They ask me this because of the scams that are happening in the crazy world we live in today. I mean, who can you trust these days right?. Business opportunities are all over the internet. The ability to make a financial difference in your life truly can be attained via the internet, but I MUST WARN YOU!. You will hear the hype of mega fortunes and promises of financial success instantly after the payment of x amount of dollars into thier bank account….don’t believe the B.S….and I will tell you why…


www WealthyAffiliate com | Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam



Everything in life that you wish to succeed in takes time to grow, the right knowledge to attain the right skills, and most importantly…it takes dedication and hard, hard work!. This is the basic formular for all successful endeavours in life!. There is no get rich quick ventures out there that requires little or no work…don’t believe the B.S…you’re being taken for a ride…

WealthyAffiliate | Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam


Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? – It is miles from being a scam!. I am a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate because I did my homework beforehand while I was a Free Starter Member. It didn’t take me long to realise that here…there is no B.S….there is no promises of fairy tale riches. It’s not run by wannabe gurus. In fact, I interact with Kyle and Carson and find them to be Real People…just like you and I. They have been transparent since the day I joined and I know they will continue to be that way. I for one have been burnt in my life from dodgy deals, so I am glad to have finally found a place where you can actually learn how to make a legitimate, and profitable business online…no matter what your product or service is…



So be aware of business opportunities that requires you to dish out thousands of dollars upfront. I  recently met a chap who was burnt $19,000 from a business opportunty online. Needless to say I really felt for the guy…

Take time to research opportunities, after all…it’s your hard earnt money that you’re parting with, and if you’re going to invest your money into a venture…make sure that it is transparent…legitimate…and The Real Deal!



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