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What is a webinar?. Many of you will not understand what a webinar is. People also ask me “What is a quick way for me to learn in Wealthy Affiliate?”. Well, coincidentally, there are many ways in which you can speed up your learning process here at WA…and one of them is attending the Live WA webinars.




A webinar is a video seminar presentation that is usually streamed live via the web, thus being called ‘webinar’. The video presentation can be about absolutley anything. Those who become aware of a proposed webinar event that is to take place on a certain date can decide whether they would like view the webinar. A name registration and confirmation via email normally takes place


These Webinars are strictly for Premium members(these are precious for those who are serious about creating a solid business on the internet!).

**There are lots of other training videos that Free members can get access to…but like I was telling you before guys, being a Free Starter member is great…Premium Membership is even better!

Now if for some reason that you won’t be able to watch the webinars live, you can still watch them at a later date inside Wealthy Affiliate. They are yours to view and learn at your pleasure!

One of our top veterans of Wealthy Affiliate and master of internet marketing, ‘Jay’(magistudios is his handle in WA) is our WealthyAffiliate webinar host and provides us all with knowledge that are absolutely priceless to those who are not earning on the internet. He is one very cool guy!. What I really like about watching the webinars with Jay at the helm is his ability to communicate with everyone in a relaxed, easy going fashion. He’ll even throw in the odd joke here and there, just to let us all know that learning doesn’t have to be stressful!.



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Jay (Magistudios) – Wealthy Affiliate Webinar Host


He isn’t there to boast that he makes alot of money…he is there to help his fellow Premium members to make money…and he does that by sharing his marketing skills and techniques with us in the WA Live Webinar..

Live WA webinars builds your internet marketing knowledge a whole lot quicker than studying and trying to learn things yourself.  If you my friend are dead serious about financial freedom as I am…then why aren’t you a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate?..


So now that you know what is a webinar and the huge impact a live weekly webinar can give to your business online, become a Premium member now at Wealthy Affiliate, and be a part of our Live Wealthy Affiliate Webinar with Jay, our WealthyAffiliate Marketing Expert!

Here’s to your success!

WealthyAffiliate | What Is A Webinar


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Success in all that you do.

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Listening & reading about your journey with Wealthy Affiliates is an inspiration to others including myself. It is always good to see there are still honest individuals like yourself that are keen to help others achieve their goals in life. "Earn as you Learn" marketing online from home. I will look forward to seeing more video's & blogs from you Everisingsun. Wishing you every success in all you are passionate about. It seems you have a full & interesting path of which Wealthy Affiliates is part of your hard work and dedication too. Good Luck.

Thank You!

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I have been searching for a way to educate myself in how I can successfully run and market my own cleaning business from home. Thank you for showing me that Wealthy Affiliate can teach me!. 🙂
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What Is A Webinar?
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What Is A Webinar?
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