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What is a blog?. Blogs are basically articles that people just like you and I create and display via the internet. Blogs can be about anything you like, whether it be fictional or non-fictional, from personal experience or otherwise. Blogs are a fantastic way of getting information that you may be seeking, and in Wealthy Affiliate, you get the opportunity of reading blogs from many of the best internet marketers in the world!. These are online business people who have walked the journey that you are walking now, and have made it to the other side of financial freedom – forever!. Wouldn’t that be a feeling to have….no more bills…no more debt…no more struggle for the rest of your life!.




So what better way to gain priceless marketing tips and full on internet money making advice straight from the mouths of people who are living what they preach!. I for one have learnt so much in so little time from the brilliant minds that are willing to share their knowledge…and they share it because they are a fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate, and that is the incredible power of the live WealthyAffiliate community that thrives on helping each other to succeed….no matter what level of success you are at!.

I have even learned from people who have not yet made a fortune online, but are blogging to share their past mistakes or new success on the net!. You see, what I am talking about here is ‘Experience’, and if you learn from other people’s mistakes as well as their success, it will save you a whole lot of time, trial and error by knowing what works and what to stay away from!.




Now that you know what is a blog, I am sure you are wanting to know how to make money online from a blog. You can either learn the long way and make the mistakes for yourself in trying to learn how to make money online from a blog….or you can save the hassle and learn from experienced entrepreneurs and make your progress to financial freedom a lot less bumpy and stressful!

As for myself…I am on the fast lane…I’ve gone Premium here in Wealthy Affiliate with Blogs of experience at my side!. Everything I learn here at WealthyAffiliate I put into practice because “practice makes perfect!”.

Here’s to your success!

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