Three Tips For Time Management

Tips For Time Management


The hardest thing for any of us to do is to manage our time. Especially if you’re like me and you work from home, this gets considerably all the more overwhelming. Here are three cool tips that I use to help deal with your work routine when home is also your work environment.

It’s All Relative

There is only a certain amount of time in a day no matter how we want to look at it. Yet, when we are totally immersed in a job, two hours can shoot straight past us like it was only 20 minutes!. Or in a different perspective, when something goes wrong and your busy troubleshooting, it can take an hour to fix but the frustration made it feel like it took half the day!. But in retrospect, tackling and handling time management well will also depend on the amount of stress you have on the day, and how good of a person you are at handling stressful situations. Stress is a silent killer and everyone should try their very best to not be too stressed at things, especially the small things in life. It truly can be hard to manage the amount of time you really do spend throughout the day! .

Would you like to watch paint dry?, or how about watching a blade of grass grow? – NO WAY!. Keeping an eye on your time can be a hindrance more than anything. That’s why it takes compromise and most of all, discipline to get it all done, even with the slightest of success each day. Merely completing your list of ‘Priority Jobs’ in the day will always give you a sense of achievement!.

But working at home is difinitely not like working at an office or any work place for that matter and you must be real about this. If you have small kids around and a home chores to do, etc, your time will not be as easy as it could be if you were away from home and in a work place. Certain allowances need to be made to achieve the balance you need and business success you seek. This might mean shortening the blocks of time in which you work and lengthening the time spent on other tasks. If it results in more getting done, then it’s all good.

Three Tips for Time Management

Always remember to take note that everyone is not the same. What works for others may be total chaos for others. So with that said, these tips will help you gain yourself a little bit of time (and sanity) as well as productivity toward your day!.

1. Create Yourself A Plan – Take half an hour at the beginning of each work day planning how to manage the day after!. If your plan is to work a certain amount of time on your online business, choose which is the most important jobs that need to be done and focus entirely on those jobs. Always prepare for interruptions, it is just the way life is. If you have children, you must have the ability to be flexible with your time. Try not to get too stressed when things happen.

2. Schedule Your ‘Time Wasters’ – What are time wasters?. Time wasters are jobs that you need to do on a daily basis. It is not wasting your time persay, but they definitely chew up the time – fast!. Checking your email accounts, doing social media business, updating your business website and other web pages, and even sorting out the other small administrative tasks. If you shedule and allot a certain amount of time for these daily jobs, it will make your day go alot better!. Anything else that arises after that scheduled time will just have to wait around for the next time to get dealt to.

3. Try To Keep Set Hours – I am not talking about having your home business only from from 9am to 5pm. What I am saying here is if you have scheduled yourself to do say, only six hours of ‘Business’ work a day, then keep to it!. Once your time is reached, knock off!. Now it doesn’t mean you need to stick to it like a drill sargeant every single day. It is simply a way of placing your mind in a routine where it knows it needs to be ‘Business Focused’ at a certain time of the day. At other times it will be focused on ‘Family Time’, etc, etc. It is all about creating a balance for yourself, your family and friends, and your home business.

The way to fully manage your time is to plan ahead, and adjust your time with your business and personal lifestyle!. Most of all …be happy and healthy, and always have time for your family and friends!.

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Tips For Time Management With Wealthy Affiliate


What are your methods in time management?. Drop me a comment below…I am awlays eager to learn new ways!



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